Kendama Shapes | The Cobra Kendama Shape

Most kendama players don't know much about how different kendama shapes affect the play of the kendama. While designing the Cobra Kendama we tested dozens of different shapes and developed a good understanding of how different shapes affect tricks. This guide is great for both developing an understanding of kendama shapes AND learning about what makes our kendamas special. Here is an overview of the unique shape aspects of the Cobra Kendama and why they matter:

The Handlestall and Ring stall

Handlestall and Ring stall

The Cobra Kendama Handlestall and Ring stalls are unique because of the chunkiness and the straight and sharp edges. The straight and sharp edges make the tama lock onto these stalls when you land the trick perfectly. The Cobra Kendama Handlestall and Ring stalls are also slightly bigger than on most kendamas which makes it easier to land the tricks because you don't have to be as precise. Our Handlestall and Ring stalls are blockier and chunkier than normal kendamas which gives the Cobra Kendama a unique feel, especially with juggles and ken flip tricks.

The Sarado

The Sarado

The Cobra Kendama Sarado is unique because it is wider than most kendamas and has sharp edges. Most sarados are 70mm wide but Cobra Kendamas are 71mm. This is only a small difference but it still affects the play of our kendamas. The wider sarado allows for more room underneath which makes gunslingers easier and makes up for our thicker ken. The wider sarado also adds weight to the sarado which makes lunars easier. The wider sarado allows for larger stalls which makes birds and undergirds easier to land. The Cobra Kendama sarado also has sharp edges between the stalls and the curve which makes stall tricks lock on easily. 

The Tama

 The Tama

The Cobra Kendama tamas are pretty standard but there are a few differences. The first differences that our kendamas have a 21.5mm bevel which is bigger than most kendamas. This makes spike tricks and stall tricks easier to land. Our tamas are standard 60mm in diameter and we make sure that our kendamas stay very round and not egg shaped. Our tamas have a beveled string hole which makes doing border balance in it possible. 


The handlestall, ring stall, sarado, and tama are the most important parts of our kendama shape. Hopefully this guide helped you guys understand the reasoning for different kendama shapes and why Cobra Kendamas are unique!


Jacob Trebil

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