How to Lunar

How do you do a lunar??? 

Lunar is a trick that can be done by anybody that is willing to put in a little bit of practice. When learning how to do a lunar it is important to use a kendama that will be good for lunar and  to use the right technique. Here is a guide to what you will need and some tutorials:

What you will need:

A Kendama with good balance and sticky paint. Generally kendamas with big cups and a large sarado will have good balance, and extremely sticky tamas will make the lunar easier to land. Sweets kendamas, Krom kendamas, and Cobra Kendamas are some of the best kendamas that you can find for lunars.  

My favorite lunar kendamas - 

1. Viper Ash Logo

2. Viper Forest stripe

3. Viper River stripe

All of these kendamas can be found in the shop section of our website.


Here is a tutorial from Uriel Sanchez ( one of the best tutorial makers around. ) :

Here is a tutorial from yotricks ( a company that specializes in making Kendama and yoyo tutorials ):


I hope this guide helped you guys learn how to lunar!

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Jacob Trebil


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