How to Border balance

How do you do Border Balance???

Border Balance is one of the hardest tricks to do with a kendama and seems impossible to many player. Just like every other trick, Border Balance can be learned with a little practice and the use of the right technique and kendama. Here is a guide to what you will need and some tutorials. 

What you will need:

When learning Border Balance you will need a kendama that has very sticky/grippy paint. You will also need a kendama that has is beat up and has a flat spike to make the border balance easier. Some people recommend using a jumbo kendama when learning border balance to make the trick easier. 

Kendamas I recommend

1. Cobra Kendama Viper Solid 

2. Cobra Kendama Viper Stripe

3. Cobra Kendama Rubber Solid

All of these kendamas can be found in the shop section of our website and will have to be used a lot before they become good for border balance.


1. Get good at balancing lighthouses before trying Border Balance.

2. Look at the bottom cup while balancing the Border Balance.


Here is a tutorial by Cooper Eddy, one of the best border balancers to ever play kendama.

Here is a tutorial by Benjamin Mastek, another player that is amazing at border balance.

 I hope this guide helps you guys learn how to Border Balance!

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Jacob Trebil


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