What is a Kendama?<br>

What is a Kendama?

The Kendama is a traditional Japanese toy made of up of a ken and ball connected by a string. Kendama is a game that is growing in popularity throughout the world among people of all ages. There are thousands of possible tricks, meaning there will always be room to practice and improve.

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How to Big Cup

How do you do Big cup???Big Cup is one of the easiest kendama tricks and should be the first trick that you learn. Just like every other trick, Big Cup can be...

How To Inward Stilt

How do you do Inward Stilt???Inward Stilt is an advanced trick that takes a lot of practice to learn. To do inward stilt, you will need the right kendama and...

How to Spike | Kendama

How do you do Spike???Spike is one of the easiest Kendama tricks and one of the first tricks you should learn. Here is a guide to what you will need...
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